Heat-Line Freeze Protection Service

Solutions To Every Freeze Protection Problem

Heat-Line is an award-winning company specializing in developing and manufacturing the highest quality and most energy-efficient self-regulating heating cable systems in the world. Watercheck and Heat-Line will ensure you enjoy peace of mind while you experience running water year-round.

Residential & Commercial Markets

Heat-Line provides heat trace systems, heat traced pipes, heat trace wire and pipe frost protection kits that resolve both typical and less common freeze protection challenges associated with pipes and roofs in residential and commercial markets.

Heat-Line products are innovative solutions for water lines, sewer lines, drain lines, roofs and gutters, recreation and service vehicles, livestock waterers, off-grid (solar/wind), industrial equipment and more. Exceptional heat trace cable, heat trace systems and heating tracing solutions trusted by homeowners, tradespersons, engineers, business owners, site managers and municipalities for over 30 years.  

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Heat-Line Installation Images

(with new waterline installation)

heat-line installation
heat-line installation
heat-line installation

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