Frozen Water Line Service

Water Line De-Icing

Never worry again about frozen water lines causing disruption of your water supply and potential damage to your home and property. Watercheck can thaw your water service lines effectively and safely with our no open flame thaw service! This system works on lake water or well water!

The Magikist pulse Jet De-Icer System

This water thawing machine for your pipes has been the solution to frozen pipes for over 15 years and is being used by thousands of plumbing professionals throughout North America.

Works for Copper, Iron, Plastic and More

The Pulse Jet De-icer was designed for industrial use and is a self-contained unit which features a flexible tubing and spray mechanism. 

How It Works

The tube is fed into the frozen pipe until the head reaches the ice surface. At this point, a very high pressure spray is applied which quickly thaws the ice within the pipe. The water supply reservoir heats the water prior to spraying to further enhance the effectiveness of the high-pressure spray. 

Magikist pulse de-ice service

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